Wednesday, August 24, 2011

life studies influenced by professor harry wohlfarth

Back of reclining female -  life study - pastels by sandra santa lucia/1969
Back in 1969 while chatting with the late Janet Ford, a friend,  and a well known Banff artist, I learned that The Banff Centre had an excellent Life Drawing class in the evenings. I Signed up immediately, starting a new revived art journey while Jim stayed home in the evenings looking after our little girls. How fortunate to have the opportunity of studying Life Drawing under the tutorage of Professor Harry Wohlfarth  
Professor Harry Wohlfarth (1921-96) arrived in Canada to lecture in the University of Alberta’s Department of Extension (now a faculty).  He taught for more than three decades.  Wohlfarth and the Extension Faculty played a prominent role in establishing art classes and art schools throughout Alberta.  His efforts led to the formation of the Alberta Community Art Clubs Association (ACACA) in 1968.  Wohlfarth pointed out with pride that he never missed a single class and traveled the length and breadth of the province, all by Greyhound, conducting art classes, judging art shows, and in other ways encouraging development of visual art and artists in Alberta.

Female back - life study - black charcoal by sandra santa lucia/1969

I continued to take  Life Drawing and painting classes up at The Banff Centre after Professor Wohlfarth left.  Over the years Bow Valley residents continued to have wonderful opportunities which were offered by The Banff Centre. Exposure to art, ceramics, music and fiber art at such a high level was truly a gift to all of Banff's residents…very fine era! to view more life studies please go to:
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