Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Travel - not always happy

Illustration Friday's July 12th to 18th topic is Travel as suggested by Terry Runyan
"I began to cry, not  understanding why Nana had left me"
Pen and ink illustration above by Sandra Santa Lucia for the book "Wagging Tails by Dorts Stafford"

Many years ago in 1939, a little five year old girl boarded a train to North Berwick. 
She began to cry, not understanding why her Nana was sending her away from their home in  Edinburgh, Scotland. Her Nana had gotten off the train, and little Dorothy Margaret Stewart  ran to the window to see if she could see her but she must have hurried away. She was now alone in a crowd of children who were all strangers, a victim of the war headed to unknown families away from the target areas.

What some of the reviewers said:

Dorts Stafford's  Wagging Tails a must read

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