Sunday, February 26, 2012

If only Uggy, a capable performer, had been a nominee for an Oscar…

he could have danced with Little Lizzie one cute little dog!
Unfortunately Uggy, the wonderful furry four-legged performer from The Artist was not a nominee to the 2012 Oscars. Had he, he would  have swung and twirled little Lizzie Barker delighting a world-wide audience.

Pencil drawing of Uggy, The Artist's four-legged lovable dog swings with little Lizzie Barker at the Oscars! by Sandra Santa Lucia/2/26/12
For more information about animals not receiving an Oscar check out  The Calgary Herald  
Illustration Friday's February 25 - March 1 word of the week is capable suggested by Fiona Meakin of Love Love Drawing. 


  1. That is so cute. That would be really cute if that was Lizzie dancing in real life!!!

  2. What a great sketch! So much movement and personality. Nicely done!


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