Thursday, May 5, 2011

the dance…a lesson of love

 " then there was the dance"… wagging tales book illustration a ink drawing by
 sandra santa lucia/published 2009
Training paddy to dance, a lesson of love. In chapter eight of Wagging Tales, Dorts Stafford's book about her family and many four legged friends there is a wonderful story about Paddy the dog and Barrie, Dorts eldest boy.
Barrie happened to be Paddy's favorite child. Being the oldest, he understood more about what a dog would tolerate and enjoy. He could sit on him and teach him tricks. Barrie would play ball with him and Paddy would retrieve it then saunter back to him, hoping Barrie would throw it again. Then there was the dance. Barrie would hold Paddy's front legs on his shoulders and they would prance about while we all laughed at the sight. They were good buddies.
      The illustration for Illustration Friday's April 29 - May 5 topic portrays Barrie and Paddy dancing. This week's word "lesson" was submitted by  Susan Sorrell Hill.


  1. lol! I do that with my dog all the time! Nice drawing!

  2. Hello! What fun to have such a loyal friend and patient dancing partner!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope to "see" you again next post! :o)

  3. Great drawing! It is just like Tyson and I!



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