Monday, February 14, 2011

paper dolls from the 50's

Elizabeth Taylor, 1950
Above and blow are some cutouts which I found on a web this morning reminding me of my youth.   Did you ever play with paper dolls?
 Not having the money to purchase store bought cutouts, I along with a friend, who also enjoyed drawing costume fashion would often draw a figure of a woman then design and draw the cloths for the paper dolls.  Our imaginations carried us from the 50's back to the days of knights, princesses and damsels in distress.  Later in life when my two little girls took an interest in paper doll cutouts I would make some for them. It wasn't long before they too took an interest in drawing and designing their own paper dolls. 

Now young girls play with Barbies. Interesting how the material things change but the concept of playing with dolls and using our imaginations has stayed the same throughout the passing of time.



  1. Anonymous12:24 PM MDT

    Very true.

  2. I remember playing with paper dolls!!!


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